About the Owner

Katherine Braccia

Writing about yourself, is sometimes the hardest topic but here we go.

Let’s give myself a little background story. I’ve lived down south most of my life; Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia. I love the south! I played a ton of sports as a kid; soccer, softball, tennis, volleyball and track. Hence the only time I had a fast metabolism. LOL

In 2012 I made the bold move to NEW YORK. Worst two days of my life, in a car without air conditioning, in JULY, but I made it. From there I moved in with my amazing Aunt who’s mentorship and magical powers of fashion, turned me into a Real New York City Career Women! She set me on such a wonderful path to my true passion, MARKETING. She also introduced me to all her beautiful friends, which led to me to my handsome husband.

About JustAskKath

When I first started Just Ask Kath in 2018 it was taking the next step in my career and finally putting a ‘name’ to all the ‘casual’ web design and marketing work I was already doing for my family, my friends, and even some social media folks I have never met before.

Just Ask Kath was a way for me to say, I am legit and now I am serious.

Over the past year and a half, I have learned that working with entrepreneurs and small business owners really fuel my heart.

When you work for individuals who – you truly enjoy working with, appreciate your expertise and trust your advice, bring you along for the journey and support each other.

When I work with them it truly fuels me to keep going and really enjoy life. I know you don’t have to enjoy everything at work and there are things I don’t like doing, like the admin stuff, but when you truly enjoy those that you work with it makes living everyday life that much more enjoyable.

What our customers have to say

“Katherine is talented and patient! She listens to all of my ideas and requests and creates a product that exceeds my expectations. I’m loving my newly-designed website and looking forward to working and growing with Kath!”

Denise B
Health & Wellness Coach
“Katherine comes prepared to a website project with a firm understanding of your target audience. Her background in marketing provides a unique ability to anticipate the questions that will be asked by the users searching the web for your product and services. My business has grown with her guidance and counseling.”

Patrick Brennan
Director @ Folk Pottery Museum, NE GA & SNCC
“Katherine is very knowledgeable web professional who stays abreast of technological advances to provide her clients with the best business outcomes.”

Katie Brennan
SVP, Group Brand Director @ EnsembleIQ