About Me

Writing about yourself, is sometimes the hardest topic but here we go.

Let’s give myself a little background story. I’ve lived down south most of my life; Virginia, South Carolina, Georgia. I love the south! I played a ton of sports as a kid; soccer, softball, tennis, volleyball, track. Hence the only time I had a fast metabolism. LOL

In 2012 I made the bold move to NEW YORK. Worst two days of my life, in a car without air conditioning, in JULY, but I made it. From there I moved in with my amazing Aunt who’s mentorship and magical powers of fashion, turned me into a Real New York City Career Women! She set me on such a wonderful path to my true passion, MARKETING. She also introduced me to all her beautiful friends, which led to me to my Handsome Fiancée.

Enough back story, let’s get into why we are here.


When I first started a blog in 2015, Fit Irish Chick, it was ALL about my fitness journey. My workouts, my nutrition, my coach and my bodybuilding competition. Slowly as my ‘fitness journey’ got derailed… by adult life. I abruptly stopped working on my blog and inevitably shut it down. This was also time when I was perfecting my marketing/coding skills at night school. So your girl was a LITTLE busy.

So… Fit Irish Chick became a distant memory.

2016 was a very DIFFICULT year. With that being said 2017 was my rebuilding year for my career, family, and my life. It was the year of cleaning up my thoughts and exploring what I want out of life. 

I ended 2017 know that 2018 is going to be the year I come out from under my rock and really explore life and strive for what I want for my future and my families future. This blog will help me share my knowledge and love for marketing and fitness. Hopefully it will make you fall in love with marketing and fitness as much as I have.