Should your blog have a tagline?

When you start building out a blog it is really hard to know what you need and what is ‘nice to have’. 

Having a tagline is something that I see being a topic where it depends on who you’re speaking to when it comes to if you need it or not. 

What is a tagline?

Let’s go over the basics first – it is always good to know the fundamentals of a topic in this industry and then research and build your opinion if it applies to you or not. 

The definition of a tagline: a tagline should be a short catchy phrase that helps readers understand in a few seconds what your blog is about. Yes, your blog name can tell someone what your main topic is but if you write a lifestyle blog or have a ‘inside joke’ blog name then it is hard for readers to really understand what you write about. The tagline is there to let them know in a quick, catchy phrase in addition to your blog name. 

How long should my tagline be?

A tagline line should be quick and catchy. (I think i’ve said that already but lets hit it home) 

This tagline should only be a few words, what I mean by that is it should be around 6-7 words and should help describe your blog name and the value of reading your content. 

I love the way Pamela Wilson explains tagline’s to her clients. She has a cute little joke that honestly makes a lot of sense. 

“Your tagline should be short and clear enough that if it’s on a billboard, people won’t drive off the road trying to read it.”

Pamela Wilson – Online educator, author, keynote speaker, and the founder of BIG Brand System

How do I chose my tagline?

Now this is the fun part, picking your tagline. 

The great part about picking your tagline is you don’t have to be married to it. It is very different from your blog name or your website url. 

You can change your tagline as your blog changes or as you change. 

When you create your tagline there are should be some things to keep in mind;

1. Let your personality come out! They are going to be reading your content and getting to know you through your writing, so let your audience get to know you more. 

2. Refine your blog name/topic. If the name of your blog is your personal name, use the tagline to explain what the blog is about. Expand on what your blog name is telling people your blog content is about. 

3. Think of your audience. Who is reading your blog, and your blog name pulled them into your site, now let the tagline explain a little bit more about who you are writing for. 

What do other bloggers do?

Here are a few examples of bloggers I found. Hopefully these tagline’s help jog your tagline brainstorm going to help create a quick and catchy tagline. (I said it again)

Poppy Love

Poppy Loves is a lifestyle blog but she takes it further and says A London Lifestyle Blog. You wouldn’t know she is a lifestyle blogger or that she is UK based from her blog name but the tagline gave you a great quick explanation.


This is a great example of the blog name being very descriptive but they took it a little further by explaining what type of guy guide they are.


This tagline is pretty great and VERY quick. It just explains life hacking beautifully about the blog is 3 beautiful words.

Besides Jenna Kutcher being one of my favorite entrepreneur, best friend (she just doesn’t know), and a WONDERFUL example of a very broad tagline but it fits her and it has changed over the years as she has come into more and more business ventures.

Now go create your own…

I really hope this helped break down tagline’s a little better and help you understand how they can be helpful, how to create your own and seeing examples really jogged your creative juices. 

Let me know in the comments below if this helped and link your blog below, I would love to read them. 

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