6 Instagram Features I Love

There are 500 million users checking Instagram everyday and 1 billion monthly users. When you think about Instagram only being around for 9 years it really is scary how much it has changed our society and everyday life. 

But we all love it, use it, and secretly hate the shopping sprees it makes us go on.

With that thought in mind I wanted to come on and share some of my favorite Instagram features. I love reading these types of articles because every time I do I learn something new, so I thought I would share some of my favorites.

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#1: Archive Posts

This has been a huge feature for me because I started my instagram with personal and fitness in mind. When I started using my instagram for business I needed a solution to hide my old posts but still have access to them – I didn’t want to delete all those memories. In order to archive a post you go to the 3 little dots on the top right of a post and there will be an archive option. You don’t loose the comments or likes either – I knew that would be a major concern.

Recently I have been trying to show up on Instagram stories a lot more and a big thing for me is, I don’t wear make up or do my hair 9/10 times. So the glitter filters and mask filters on stories has been helping me by still showing up but not frightening everyone when they pop on my stories. 

#2: Face Filters

#3: Save Flag

If you don’t know what I am talking about (which I didn’t till about a year ago) the little bookmark flag you see at the bottom of every Instagram post is a way for you to save a post for later. Life changing right?! 

For example: if you see a recipe video you like or a place you want to visit or a quote you want to read later on a a bad day, if you hit that little save flag then you can save for later and you can create folders. In order to access them later you simply go to your Instagram page, hamburger menu on the top right, and Saved. 

As you can see I have a VERY specific brand color that I love, Teal. But that is currently not a color option on Instagram for text. So (if I’m not being lazy) I can open stories, write out my text, pick font color but hold down the color option and you will get a little slide bar of color options. 

#4: Custom Text Colors

#5: Draft Posts

After I plan my Instagram posts for the week in my Plann app (which is the BEST by the way, for visually seeing how your feed will look), I get daily notification reminders to post. A lot of the times, I will go into Instagram and start my post and get distracted. So what I do, before I lose my work, is save a draft post so I can come back to it later when I’m not thinking about a million other things.

Now that I am more active on stories I love creating highlights to feature certain topics that I get questions about a lot and to showcase our work at JustAskKath. Another feature they recently added is the highlight covers can now be added without having to post the image to your stories. Thank you Instagram for thinking of no digital clutter. 

#6: Highlights

Comment your favorite features below or let me know on Insta @JustAskKath!!! Also send me a DM, let’s become friends on Instagram and share funny memes and inspirational quotes with each other. 

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