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Keyboard Shortcuts for Squarespace

(This is a continuation of the Keyboard Shortcut series, make sure to read the WordPress keyboard shortcut blog post.)

Recently I switched from a PC to a MAC and I was expecting a lot of differences from Microsoft and with the MAC interface.

BUT I did not think how the keyboard shortcuts would all change!!

It has taken me a solid 3 months to finally find all the right shortcuts for coding, menu options, and even taking screenshots. 

When I started thinking about it, I couldn’t be the only one who has run into this issue, so I reached out to you all on Instagram. 

What I learned was;

  1. a lot more people use Shopify then I thought
  2. not many people knew there was keyboard shortcuts for their CRMs
  3. I am not the only one …. YESSsss

After finding all this out I decided to scour the internet for ALL THE SHORTCUTS and come up with a cheat sheet list. The list I have developed below is for Squarespace and will include MAC and PC. 

I really hope this helps. 

Comment below if you would like a keyboard cheat sheet wallpaper for your desktop

Text Formatting

Use these shortcuts when adding text in the Text Block Editor:

Page Editing

Use these shortcuts when adding content in the Pages panel.

FlipBook of Keyboard Shortcuts

Now, I really wish I could find the person who created this flip book of Squarespace shortcuts because

1. It is Bomb!
2. It is FULL of knowledge and WAY more shortcuts I could find
3. To give them kudos for making this public and viewable for FREE

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