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My Top Mobile Apps to Run a Business

With in the past year I have had to learn to be mobile and flexible when it comes to working with clients and working on my business. The apps I have listed below are my go to applications when it comes to running my business and being able to reply to image/logo requests from clients while shopping with a friend. Or correcting an email template for a client when on a car ride out east to the wineries. 

Don’t get me wrong, a mobile device can be a little limiting but there are ways you can get 75% of your work done with a mobile device. I have used an iPhone, Android tablet, and iPad within the year and I have found ways to get most of my work done while mobile. Now, I do still carry my MacBook pretty much everywhere I go because if I find an hour here or there between running errands or appointments I will fit some work in. That is the best part of a Starbucks being every where on long island. 

But lets get into the juicy stuff and the reason why you are probably reading this blog. My top mobile apps I love to use to work my business on the go. 

The WordPress app allows you to login to your personal site or for me I login to my clients websites to make any changes. Highly suggest if you use a WordPress hosted site. Check out Here

MailChimp App

The MailChimp app allows for setting up campaigns, check in on how my emails are doings, and check in on my opt ins. Check out Here

Canva App

If you follow me on Instagram (@justaskkath) you know how obsessed I am with this app. If you need social media images, headers, or logos; this is my go to app. Check out Here

Word Swag App

I have been using this app the shortest amount of time but I did purchase the premium for over a month and the templates options are great for seasonal social posts. Check out Here

Google Docs

I use Google docs probably everyday of my life. I am not joking. I am use it for clients, personal finances, JAK files/photos, and our wedding. Need I say more? Check out Here


This app has helped me plan out my pins for Pinterest and help me clean up my boards and profile. Check out Here


We use Bitly to help with tracking links and see what sources bring in good traffic by simply switching the link for a Bitly and naming. Check out Here


The Plann app is my top 5 apps I use. I’m a visual person so being able to see what my Instagram posts will look like before I post them on my feed. Check out Here

Google AdSense

Adsense allows you to run banners on your site and drive additional revenue, it maybe peanuts but it is another way to monetize your blog. Check out Here

Google Analytics

This app is just to give you access to your site analytics through Google. If you don’t have GA on your site, that should be a top priority. Check out Here


This app has been a new addition and has been great to plan my wedding so I have started using it to plan projects with clients and team members. Check out Here

Canon Camera Connect

I use this app to download my Camera photos to my phone for easy use and use it to take long distance photos. I am obsessed! Check out Here

Zoho Invoice

This has also been a new addition to my go to apps, this year i created my LLC which means TAX’s for my business next year. So far this has been really easy and convenient to keep track of expenses and invoices for my business. Check out Here

These apps have helped me a ton within this past year and truly helped me find pockets of time to run my business. Do you have any go to mobile apps that help you run your business on the go? Comment below. Would love to find new apps! Hope you enjoyed and this was helpful. Have a great day. 

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