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Business Planning Made Simple

The year 2018 has taught me A LOT these past 8 months and what it has taught me is … 

1. Let others opinions be their’s and not yours

2.Your career path is just that, a path, just enjoy the walk

3. Planning is always a good idea but it’s OK to go off course, as long as you know how to jump back on

Wizard of OZ

There has been a lot of bumps, pot holes and cracks in my journey (and there will be more) but as long as I have my plan to come back to and help me get back on track, I know I will accomplish my goals. 

I have had a goal of being an entrepreneur for while but I did not know how or with what hobbies. Some of you know me better than others (Hi, Mom!) but I do not have many hobbies. I love volleyball, scrap booking and helping other people. Over the past 6 years I have learned that I also LOVE marketing and not just love it but love talking about it, explaining it to others and helping others understand it. 

This is where JustAskKath Marketing Services has come into play and how I have chosen my path.

Now the best part of the journey (and the point of this article) comes the planning. 

For months I have been planning….

– how the website looked
– making my website SEO(Search Engine Optimization) friendly
– writing blog articles on what topics, and how to post them
– business cards
– logo
– social media accounts
– signing up for every free training and downloadable I could find on developing your business online

Not once did I stop to think I should really PLAN my next steps, what are my true GOALS for my business, what is my budget, and should I hire anyone to help me? 

I really did not start planning JustAskKath business goals and objectives until I read an AMAZING email from Abagail & Emylee at Think Creative Collective They wrote this wonderful email about becoming a biz babe and quitting your 9 – 5 job but doing it without a strategic plan could stall your productivity, no savings(budget) and not having a regular schedule to make the best use of your time. [Please go check them out, they are amazing and have wonderful free online training.] 

This is when they spoke of having a BUSINESS PLAN!! 

After reading that I was like OMG – DUH I have been thinking of HOW I am going to implement the pieces of my business and I haven’t even thought about my overall business plan. In the email the talk about only spending a ‘couple of hours’ on this plan. In MY OPINION, if you already have a vision and know what you want to do, writing it all out should only take you 30-40min. (The making it pretty and adding your branding to print out and hang everywhere to remind you should be the hour.) 

Now, Abagail & Emylee have created a quick outline that I am going to bullet below because you should never recreate the wheel if you don’t have to. 

1. Vision/Mission Statement
2. Business Goals (3mnth – 6mnth – 1yr – 3yr)
3. Targeted Audience(Which I have a great blog post on this topic HERE)
4. Services/Offerings
5. Marketing Strategy
6. Budget

Because these wonderful biz babes created this outline for myself and many more. 

I have decided to offer you something one step further. If you comment below with your email address I will send you my template that I have created so you can get planning for your businesses and take half the amount of time planning and spend more time accomplishing your plan. 

I really hope this has helped you plan your business objectives and put you on the right path just as writing my business plans down has for me. 

Happy Planning!! 

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