Words of Wisdom: Tell a Story

In this weeks words of wisdom we will be talking about using a story to market your business. Enjoy!

Your marketing should always be telling a story. The version of the story you tell and from what perspective is all about;

  • who
  • what
  • when
  • where
  • how

But any good marketing material you see will tell the story the audience needs to hear to convert them to customers. When you watch a tv commercial they are visually telling you a story about their product and it appeals to the specific target they are trying to convert.

For example: tonight I watched a Subaru commercial about a couple who fell in love in 5th grade, got married, had kids …

then they got into a HORRIBLE accident

BUT the couples journey didn’t stop because Subaru saved them.

That commercial told their story of #dependability, high #safety ratings and pulled on the emotions of mom/dad/grandma/grandpa ‍to sell them their story. They did a good job of selling that point and pulling on the emotions of their audience to help get that point across.

So the next time you think of posting a picture, developing a banner, writing a radio commercial make sure you tell YOUR story.

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