Top 10 Must Know Marketing Acronyms

These are the top 10 must know marketing acronyms, that I highly suggest you get familiar with. I learned these acronyms within my first 2-3 months of my marketing career.

AIDA – Attention, Interest, Desire, Action: this describes the customers buying journey

SEO – Search Engine Optimization: little bit more complex to describe but developing a plan to ensure effective use is search engines as a marketing tool

CRM РCustomer Relationship Management: this is a type of software that tracks the company’s relationship and interaction with their customers. (Example of software; Salesforce)

MARTech – Marketing Technology: this is the marketing technology stack, it is all technology that marketing uses and the other departments in the company and how they all connect.

CTA – Call To Action: this would be the button or action that an advertisement or email is asking you to do for conversation

CTR – Click Through Rate: this is rate of the audience clicking through a piece of marketing material

B2B – Business to Business Marketing

B2C – Business to Consumer Marketing

CPC – Cost Per Click: this the cost for every time someone clicks an advertisement

CPA – Cost Per Action: this would be if the cost is based off of a particular action they need to take, so maybe filling out a form or purchasing an item

Now go out there with you head held high and confidently speak with the marketing lingo.

P.S. These are by all means not ALL the acronyms you need to know because marketing is like the US government, they love their acronyms but it will help you get in the door.

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