Marketing 101: The Marketing Funnel

This is the first of probably many posts for the Marketing 101 series. Last night I realized that not everyone knows the basics of marketing and when you need to teach someone a topic it is good to start with the basics.

The basic of basic for marketing is the funnel. The funnel is a representation of the journey your audience takes when buying a product, downloading information, or signing up for an online course. The funnel also represents the mental state your audience is in during each phase. It helps your understand their mindset at the time and how you should communicate with them.

If you were in a room of 100 marketers and asked each one what their marketing funnel looks like you will probably get 100 different answers. There are a million versions of the marketing funnel, and below is another version from my point of view. Now it may not look like much of a funnel but their is a reason for it.

A Marketing funnel can be very robust and overwhelm you with way more information than you need or you can multiple different marketing funnels. You can have one for high level, one can be statistic driven, or one can persona driven. The first marketing funnel I am going to show you is the high level.

High Level Marketing Funnel

Top of Funnel: Awareness (Disruption/Pain Points)

Focus on industry-focused content, grab their attention by hitting their paint points and pulling on their emotions.

Middle of Funnel: Consideration (Solutions)

Focus on helping them find the solution to their pain points. Spoon feed them research on your product/topic and give them content to download to gather demographic information on them. (Ex. whitepapers, webinars, eBooks, info graphics, cast studies)

Bottom of Funnel: Decision (Purchase)

Focus on their activity, what they are downloading, have a personable conversation with them and offer your services/products. There is a fine line between bombarding someone to purchase or gentle suggest.

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I hope this post helped you understand the marketing funnel a little bit better. Leave your feedback below, if you like this type of content and what you want to see more of. Until the next post.

Yours Truly – Just Ask Kath

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