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Words NOT to Use in Email Subject Lines

In this day and age, I think most digital marketers can agree that email marketing will always be the backbone or is the backbone of digital marketing. An email list or subscription list is 100% way to drive brand awareness, especially if it’s organic. If this list is organic, where they have decided they want updates from your company, then this is a pot of gold for your brand.

Now we have to make sure that when you talk to this pot of gold that your email gets to their inbox. So I have compiled a list of spam words that you should not use in your subject lines.

  •  As seen on
  •  Buy direct
  •  While you sleep
  •  Be your own boss
  •  Earn $
  •  Expect to earn
  •  Home employment
  •  Work at home
  • Dear
  • Friend
  • Hormone
  • Hello
  • Ad
  • Click
  • Click to remove
  • Email harvest
  • Auto email removal
  • Click below
  • Bulk email
  • Click here
  • Direct marketing
  • Form
  •  Bargain
  •  Big bucks
  •  Cashcashcash
  •  Check
  •  Cents on the dollar
  •  Affordable
  •  Best price
  •  Cash bonus
  • Increase sales
  • Remove
  • Satisfaction
  • Success
  • Never
  • Internet market
  • Notspam
  • Search engines
  • This isn’t junk
  • Web traffic
  • Performance
  • Subscribe
  • Visit our website
  • Will not believe your eyes
  •  Freedom
  •  Home
  •  Lose
  •  Miracle
  •  Problem
  •  Sample
  •  Stop
  •  Dormant
  • Weight loss
  • Viagra
  • Xanax
  • Lose weight
  • Life insurance
  • Diagnostics
  • Cures baldness
  • Medicine
  • Stop snoring
  • Vicodin
  • Valium
  • Billion dollars
  • Million
  • Join millions

I hope that list of key words helps you, I tried to compile a list for all markets. Here is also a list of marketing companies I follow that help me keep up on all marketing news and have great blogs.


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