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How to Make Extra Cash Anytime

There are always ways to make extra cash. In 2016 I lost my job a few times and I had to SCRAMBLE to make sure I had enough income to pay my bills. Who wants to dip into savings?! 

I made $1,800 every month I was unemployed. I know this because that is how much I needed to make in order to pay my bills and not use my savings. A few of the ways I accomplished that are listed below. 

If you have the hustle and the drive to make the money you want, you will find ways to do so.

Thred Up

Thred up is a company you send your lightly used clothes to and they sell them for you. You can ask for a bag from their website, for FREE, and the shipping to and from is FREE.
If the items do not sell, they give the option to donate or have the items returned back to you.

Pet Sitting

Honestly this is my favorite way to make money.
There are a few companies that can help you get dog sitting jobs; care.com, rover.com, Wagwalking.com With that being said I did not use those apps because I personally knew of people who needed a dog walker or house sitter. Also, I used craiglist and found few wonderful local families that paid cash.

Sell Old Electronics

With technology being such a big part of our lives, this should be an easy one. Take your old electronics and use; LetGo, Facebook Market, Gazelle, Craigslist, PayMore. I also decided to trade in my old cell phone with my mobile provider and they gave me credit towards my bill.

Affiliate Links

This was a way that helped me make a little extra cash for toiletries, gas, and little things. Many of the companies we shop with online offer affiliate links or referral links. Use these links as much as possible. It gives those who use it discounts and it gives yourself coupons or credits for the next time you need something from that store.

Obviously these are not the ONLY ways to make extra cash but they do help. On average I have made an extra $2k a month with implementing a few of these tricks. There will be a few more blog posts coming about budgeting and making extra cash.

I hope this was helpful and please leave your feedback. 

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