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Quest Nutrition Cinnamon Roll Cereal Bar


My first reaction was that this bar can not replace the honey nut cheerios and fruit loops cereal bars with the frosting on the bottom from my child hood. Only the ‘cool’ kids had those for snack time in the morning. But I thought why not try. These bars have been out for a little while now but I just couldn’t take the leap due to price, and the size of the bar.

The price is a little bit much for a breakfast protein snack compared to the original bars (which has 20g protein). Also, the price is the same as the original and the original is larger.

Now on to what we really care about, TASTE. It is smaller in size but it is lighter then the original bar. Really taste like a rice crispy treat type consistency but without the sugar. It does have a little bit of a sugar type coating to it, and does have a very strong cinnamon flavor but with no sugary frosting goodness. As you can see I also tried dunking the bar in my coffee because why not? Breakfast and coffee go hand and hand. I HIGHLY suggest dunking it in your coffee just to warm up the bar and my coffee had a little of the cinnamon taste afterwards.

Overall Rating:
Taste – 6 out of 10
Price – 4 out of 10
Would you add it into your pantry? When I feel like splurging.

I have included options of other stores and if you have any questions or feedback please feel free to comment below. But I would suggest trying the bar at least once.

Nutrition Facts:

110 Calories
12g Protein
4.5g Fat
2g Net Carbs


  • lee

    I love energy bars and nutrition bars ! However I want everything home made so I am sure that what I put in is healthy and nutritious..

  • Enrique Pasion

    Useful review on Quest Nutrition Cereal Bar. Have been considering these types of protein bars for my diet and fitness routine. And I do agree, taste is very important still no matter how they try to convince us that health should come first.

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