2018 Vision Board

2018 vision board

This is my 2018 vision board. For many years I have always had goals but I have never had a vision board to visualize those goals. Last year i saw a lot of folks clearly displaying their goals with vision boards, and it helped them keep their goals top of mind. This year I have decided to follow in their foot steps.

2018 is going to be the year of completing all my goals and accomplishing the correct mindset to achieve my goals for years to come.

I have posted a picture of my vision board above but I have also listed down below what those images mean. Help me stay accountable.

Did you do a vision board this year? Do you do vision board a lot? How did you create yours? Share a picture below in the comments section.

  • Become Debt Free – Put $20K in savings
  • Post in Blog 2/3x per week
  • Implement Google Ads on Blog
  • Love Myself <3
  • Feel Healthy No Matter my Weight
  • Positive Mindset
  • ‘Insanity’ Level Fitness – 50 Pushups w/o stopping
  • Establish an Amazing Miracle Morning Routine
  • Start Planning 2019 Wedding

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