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80 Day Obsession Phase 1 Review

My Phase 1 Results

Meal Plan F
Weight Update:
 +1.5 lbs
Inches Lost: 13 inches

Phase 1 Overall Opinion:
I have one word for this program, difficult. Definitely not for beginners, but if you have a very strong Why, then you can push yourself through the first hurdles.

What do you like most about this program?
Once I got a hang of the exercises, I really liked the work outs. They challenge you and after 2 weeks you can really feel your body changing and getting stronger.

When do you work out?
The first 2 weeks I workout at 5am. Then the last 2 weeks I worked out at 7-8pm. I wanted to test to see what worked best with my schedule of working 8am – 5pm. I loved getting my working out in early and having the rest of my day but working out at night allowed me to sleep in and enjoy my morning instead of feeling rushed.

Has it been hard to adjust to timed nutrition and the food options?
The meal plans that were designed for 80 Day Obsession are so well thought out that it makes it very easy to meal prep for the week and to stay on schedule with the timed nutrition. But like any habit it takes time to get used to eating every 2-3 hours. When we started week 3 my body had adapted so much that now every 2 hours my stomach starts to rumble.

How can you improve?
I was not perfect during the first phase. On Sunday’s, our rest day, I had 2 weeks of only eating 1-2 meals on those days because I was always running around and I was never hungry on those days. But the past 2 weeks I made sure to prep my meals for Sunday and set an alarm for the times I need to eat. That helps a lot.

What was the most challenging?
The most challenging for me is not starting but not quitting when things get tough or when I slip up. But the group of coaches I am in on Facebook is a huge group of motivation and support for me. They have helped me push past my sabotaging self talk and have helped me push past my slip ups.

Having a great Why and having a support system is key when taking on a program like this.
Comment below your why.

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